The Bunker

Basic Infomation:

11 November 2074

Facility 32 was built in 2074 as a site for Experiments in Consciousness Testing. Exprimentation of consciousness began on April 12, 2076. Following Experiment-189, attempts to achieve digtial immortality have been partially successful 2079. Attempts to recover test subjects after Consciousness Irregularity #9 have been unsuccessful.

As of November 2080, Facility 32 was relocated ''The Bunker'' to accommodate an increase in deceased test subjects and to accommodate further research into failed expirments. Dr John Smith has been replaced by Dr Susan Williams as Director of Research respectively. As of 19/04/81 ███████ conducted ███

███████████████ resulting █████████████████████████████.

A log of all expirmention is located in the tabs above.

Site Information

Note to all Researchers:

Test subjects will be subjected to loss of life. ███████████████████ █████████

If loss of life is not applicable form 98-5B must be filled out and test subject will be disposed of later.