The Bunker




Test Subject 029:

Date: 19/08/2089

Experiment: Conciouness physicality repair.

Cover Story: Sculpture made by Orisa Pather.

Fabricated Statement:

''Orisa Pather has embarked on a new endeavor focused on the embodiment of consciousness in physical form. This project seeks to blur the lines between man and machine by creating robots with human frames, utilizing Arduino and recycled technology. Pather achieves this by using recycled technology as the framework, imbuing the resulting creations with an uncanny sense of familiarity and discomfort. Repurposing technology to mimic the human form plays into ideas of abject horror, as it challenges our perceptions of what is natural and artificial. Despite their digital nature, simple automations within these robots evoke a sense of humanity. Pather aims to construct robots that not only mimic human appearance but also possess a semblance of human consciousness. By repurposing discarded technology and integrating it with Arduino microcontrollers, she endeavors to breathe life into these mechanical beings. Moreover, the goal of utilizing hardware and e-waste in this project not only underscores the importance of sustainability but also reflects upon the fragility of digital interfaces. By repurposing discarded electronics, Pather confronts the ephemeral nature of technology and its susceptibility to obsolescence, highlighting the delicate balance between innovation and impermanence.''

Input:███████████ ██████████ █████████████████████ ███ █████████████████ ████

Error: TS-29 data was transferred successfully. Subject seems to be hostile.

Output: Mangled technology.